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Dearborn County Recycling Center Costume Swap

Volunteers needed!

The Dearborn County Recycling Center, located at 6815 US 50, Aurora, next to the Heart House, needs our help.

During the month of October, the Recycling Center sponsors a Halloween Costume Swap. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12-6 PM during the month of October, the public is welcome to come browse and choose a costume, and/or donate a gently-used costume.

Volunteers are needed to work three hour shifts from 12-3PM or 3-6PM. Responsibilities would include checking people in and giving them shopping tickets, monitoring the shopping area, and taking in costumes and accepting monetary donations.

If you would like to volunteer for this community project, please call Julie at the Dearborn County Recycling Center at 812-926-9963. She will schedule a time and date for you that fits your schedule.

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