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2nd Annual No Child Left Behind Initiative needs your help!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

No Child Left Behind, in partnership with the Community Project, is organizing a Christmas sponsorship initiative for local children. The program aims to fulfill the Christmas wishes of underprivileged children by providing items from their wish lists, including shoes, haircut vouchers, and food deliveries. The project encourages community involvement through various channels, such as purchasing items from the Amazon wish list, making financial donations through PayPal, or making in-person donations at local Civista Bank branches.

The initiative was started by Kevin Wang with the goal of assisting middle-class families facing financial challenges during the holiday season. The name "No Child Left Behind" was chosen to reflect their commitment to ensuring that every child in the community has a joyful Christmas. Wang's assistant, Kim Duncan, felt that was the perfect name for this initiative, and is in her second year of leading the group.

To identify the children to shop for, the organization collaborates with school counselors, community referrals, and school nurses. The children then create lists comprising a want, a need, a read, and a wear, which are compiled on an Amazon list. The community members can access the list, purchase the items, and contribute to making these children's Christmas special. The gifts are wrapped and delivered to the families in need.

In the previous year, the initiative successfully sponsored 11 kids from the YES Home, an additional 21 children, and supported 10 families. The generosity of the community resulted in over 100 gifts being purchased, along with additional essentials such as meals, gift cards for Greendale Cinemas, haircut coupons, laundry mat cards, Kroger cards, and food cards.

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