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Flying Pig Marathon: Mile 22- Volunteers Needed!

May 7, 2023, marks the 25th Anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon. Volunteers are needed for the "Layup for Lauren" cheer station at Mile 22.

I'd like to share this from Judy Reese's Facebook posting, "Lauren Hill became an international hero for her brave and courageous battle against DIPG...moreso, for using her voice, literally to her last breath, to speak for a cure for those who could not speak for themselves. Our Tiger community...the world.... was crushed that April day in 2015 when we lost Lauren. When Brandon Lorton approached me with the idea of keeping Lauren's fight and message alive at Mile 22...I jumped right in; however, I knew not where to start. So, I drew from our people...our Tiger and Lion friends, and my family and friends. The message went out for volunteers, and the response was phenomenal. To those who ask, "What do you do?"...I can only really have to be there to find out. It's a feeling I can't explain, but Lauren Hill IS there. We cheer as exhausted runners are in the last grueling stretch of their marathon; we encourage them to "never give up" as they go for their goal. The Flying Pig donates generously to LFFC for our effots; we have generated thousands of dollars since 2015. Basically, be yourself...let Lauren take's the best feeling ever. If you would like to keep our girl's message...her goal... alive on May 7, please register via the link below.

Some things to know now: Event is May 7. Place...Cincinnati/by Eli's BBQ. Transportation will be available (Thank you, Toni). Students can earn up to 8 Community Service hours. More details as event draws closer.

REGISTRATION LINK: Volunteer Registration Instructions: 1) Click link for the volunteer registration page: 2023 Volunteer Registration 2) Enter the following password to access your group-specific registration page: lauren 3) Be sure the small box next to the highlighted time frame for your group is “checked” 4) Enter required information 5) Check waiver box, sign name and click "Sign Up to Volunteer" to submit your information.

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