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Giving Tuesday: Support Heart House and The Community Project's Fundraiser for Shelter Repairs

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

This Giving Tuesday, The Community Project is joining forces with Heart House, a 72-bed shelter dedicated to supporting individuals and families facing housing insecurity. The collaboration aims to raise crucial funds for much-needed repairs to enhance the living conditions of shelter residents.

Heart House stands out by accommodating families and children, recognizing the importance of keeping them together during times of crisis. The shelter offers comprehensive case management services, daily meals, and promotes stability and accountability through its carefully designed rules and guidelines. Background checks are conducted, with violent or sexual offenses being the only disqualifying factors due to the presence of children.

Despite facing challenges with their population, Heart House strives to provide a loving and caring environment while encouraging residents to build a better future. The shelter, established in 2002, is in need of various repairs and updates to create a more healing and supportive space.

Some of the goals for the fundraising include updating the shelter's paint palette to reflect a trauma-centered design, replacing aging furniture with sanitary and safe alternatives, acquiring collapsible dining tables, and addressing issues with plumbing, kitchen, and ceilings. The overall mission of Heart House is to serve and minister to housing-insecure individuals, with a vision to prevent homelessness, provide temporary housing, and help residents reintegrate into society as positive, productive citizens.

Heart House adheres to core values such as Humility, Equality, Accountability, Respect, Trust, Healthy living, Optimism, Understanding, Safety, and Excellence. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1998, Heart House opened its 72-bed shelter in 2002, offering dedicated dorms for men, women, and family rooms.

The shelter never turns away children and has a thorough intake process involving background checks, referrals, and a commitment to an alcohol and drug-free environment. Residents are expected to find employment within two weeks of intake, contribute to chores and cooking responsibilities, and engage in case management services to plan for long-term sustainability.

By contributing to this Giving Tuesday fundraiser, you can play a vital role in supporting Heart House's mission to uplift the dignity of all persons, prevent homelessness, and provide a pathway for those struggling with housing insecurity to become positive, productive members of society. The Community Project is generously providing a dollar-for-dollar match up to $5000, maximizing the impact of every donation. Join us in making a difference and helping Heart House continue its essential work in the community.

To make an impact, please scan the QR code above or visit:

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