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Parkside Market, Giving back to the community in a warm way!

In the heart of Downtown Lawrenceburg, nestled amidst the historical architecture, stands Parkside Market—a unique, locally owned deli, bakery, and store that opened its doors in August of 2021. The driving force behind this community gem is Phyllis Knueven, a passionate individual with a love for cooking and baking that runs deep in her family.

From her earliest childhood memories of standing on a stool to make eggs at her mom's kitchen stove, to inheriting a love for baking from her Grandma Lizzy, Phyllis's culinary journey is rooted in family traditions. Her menu pays homage to her loved ones, with some dishes inspired by family members who have left a lasting imprint on her heart.

Before bringing Parkside Market to life, Phyllis had a diverse career path, ranging from accounting to medical billing. However, her true passion lay in the culinary arts, and she always harbored a dream of opening her own place. The vibrant atmosphere of Downtown Lawrenceburg, coupled with its rich history and lively events, convinced Phyllis that this was the perfect location for her dream venture.

Beyond offering delicious meals and baked goods to the community, Phyllis has found a way to give back. For the past few months, she has been actively involved in supporting The Community Project's initiative to feed hot meals to the homeless. At the end of each day, Phyllis selflessly packs up leftover specials, hot soups, and coffee, and calls Ken to come pick up the donations. Her commitment to making a positive impact reflects the belief that if every person contributes a little, great things can be achieved.

Parkside Market is not just a place to savor delightful treats; it's a testament to the power of community, compassion, and the pursuit of one's dreams. Through her culinary expertise and generous spirit, Phyllis Knueven has created a haven where good food and goodwill come together, making Parkside Market a cherished cornerstone of Downtown Lawrenceburg. They are open Monday through Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Phyllis, The Community Project is so grateful for all that you do to support us and our mission!

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